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A Vampire Stamping Community

The Vampire Stamping Community
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Welcome! This is a stamping community for vampires from all fandoms whether they be from a book you’ve read, a movie you’ve seen, or even notorious figures in history.
(A stamping community is where you post a brief application and based on your answers the other members tell you which character you most closely resemble.)

Vampires in Fiction

I can’t find a list of ‘vampires’ in history (Elizabeth Bathory, Vlad the Impaler etc.) I would appreciate it if someone could find one for me or even just keep your eyes open for something like that.

It's Started!
Please begin to post your applications and vote on others!


Rules When It Comes To Posting

-Fill out the application below.
-Photos aren't mandatory unless in a mirror theme, but you can still post them.
-If you should happen to post pictures, please make sure that they aren't too revealing. (Meaning nude or in your underwear)
-Just so I know that you have read the rules, please put the word ‘blood’ somewhere in the subject line.
-To help organize things, I would appreciate it if you would put the word ‘unstamped’ in your tags.

Rules When It Comes To Voting

-You don't need to be stamped to vote but you must be a member.
-Please bold your votes, if you don't know how to bold it's like this <*b> <*/b> just remove the stars.
-Vote whenever you can and vote often.
-Please try to give a reason for your vote, not just a name.
-This is a stamping community for all vampires. Please don’t limit your votes to Twilight characters.
-Since there is such a wide variety of possible stamps, I will be making them up as we go. I’ll make a few just to show how big they are, the general style they’ll be looking like and all.

When It Comes To Stamping

-Only moderators will be able to stamp you. So far that’s just me, but I’m looking for helpers.
-You will be stamped after either 3 days have gone by or after you get roughly 7 - 10 votes.
-If it's close with, for example, 5 votes for one and 4 votes for the other you will either be stamped as both characters OR the moderators will choose which one you most closely resemble.
-If you'd like to show off your stamp, PLEASE SAVE IT TO A DIFFERENT SERVER . Hot-linking is bad and I have a mean streak for people who hot-link. I really, really can’t afford you guys hot linking. I will cry if you hot link.

Standard Application

Rules When It Comes to Stamping ReApplications
-You may stamp the person as the character they were originally stamped as if you are 100% convinced of their similarity, but if another character comes to mind please vote on that one.
-You may only reapply once using the application meant for re-applications, but change your answers up a bit to ensure that you don’t get the same result.

Application For Re-Stamps

Maker Theme Application

Stamps Created So Far

Regarding promotion or advertising...
Either of the above are usually fine just as long as you go to me first. I reserve the right to say no if something is inappropriate for this community.